It’s Time for “Rockin’, Sockin’” Politics

Recent political events, particularly with the Senate immigration bill, have only confirmed to me that its long past time we quit playing games and started fighting back against the Left.  Richard Nixon coined the phrase in the 1952 presidential race as Ike’s running mate, telling the party it was time for a “rockin, sockin campaign.”  Nixon has always been known as a fighter in politics.  He fought his opponents and fought them hard.  By doing so, he was successful in almost all of his races.

He smashed Jerry Voorhis in his 1946 campaign for Congress and, even though he faced a woman in his 1950 race for the US Senate, he never took his foot off the gas to expose Helen Gahagan Douglas for being a communist sympathizer. “She’s pink right down to her underwear,” Nixon thundered on the stump.  And, truth is, she was, which is why John F. Kennedy secretly donated money to Nixon’s campaign, rather than support his fellow Democrat.

Yet Nixon’s one major slipup was in the 1960 presidential election, when he took the advice of a weak-kneed consultant and backed off Kennedy in their famous televised debates, so as not to seem like a bully.  It cost him the presidency that year, just as it did for Mitt Romney last November.  They played it safe, as did McCain in 2008, and all three met the same fate.

Nixon learned from his mistake but Dole, Romney, McCain, just to name a few, never learned from history.  This Republican passivity came from Tom Dewey, the New York Governor who twice won the GOP nomination for president in the 1940s.  In both races, he tried to remain above the fray, especially in 1948 when he faced a weak and unpopular incumbent in Harry Truman.  Dewey, like Romney, thought if he just showed up, he would win.  But Truman attacked Dewey, just as Obama attacked Romney, painting him in a negative light.  As a result, the country retained a less than stellar president.

Republican cowardice today is as bad as ever.  They seem to be totally cowed down by the news media, which tilts heavily toward the Democrats, and they constantly worry that beating up on the Left will cost them elections.  Everyone, it seems, is afraid of being branded a Nixonian bully.  But that’s exactly what the Left wants the GOP to do.  Republicans are playing into Democratic hands by being passive and not articulating conservative issues, or attacking untenable liberal positions.  And as a result, the Democrats are winning the elections.

And if Republicans allow Democrats to talk them into passing the Senate immigration bill, they may never win another national election again.  If that happens, we should bolt the party.

Rather than sit back, conservatives must begin to show liberals for what they really are.  Our Lord forewarned us in the Book of Matthew:  “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.”  Nevertheless, he told his disciples, “By their fruits you will know them.”

Liberals want everyone to believe they care about the people, especially the poor, the downtrodden, the little guy, the workingman and woman, and the family.  Conservatives, they say, are mean-spirited and uncaring, except for their special interest groups like big corporations and big banks on Wall Street.  But the opposite is true.  And the result is fruit that is rotten to the core.

Let us be blunt about the Left and their dangerous philosophy.  Liberalism has killed more people than any other ideology.  That’s the thesis in a recent book by J. R. Dunn, Death by Liberalism: The Fatal Outcome of Well-Meaning Liberal Policies.  He claims liberals and their policies kill 500,000 Americans a year.  The death toll worldwide is much higher.

For example, liberals fell for unproven theories (something they do often) and outlawed the “dangerous” pesticide DDT, on the flimsiest of evidence (most of which was outright lies), and, as a result, malaria deaths soared just when it was on the verge of being totally eradicated, with the majority of victims being children, including millions in Africa.

They mandated gasoline standards for cars, making them lighter and more dangerous, killing tens of thousands a year; the bureaucratization of child social services has led to more child abuse and deaths, not less; their draconian gun laws have made countless citizens victims of dangerous thugs in cities across the country.  The list could go on and on.

Liberals accuse conservatives of conducting a “war on women” but it’s the Democrats who are refusing to allow women to carry guns to protect themselves.  They want women to be raped I guess.  And that’s what we should say, right to their face.

They say that the conservative plan for health care is for people to die and hopefully to die quickly, so as not to run up heath care costs, but they and they alone are responsible for over 50 million deaths since 1973.  I’m talking about Roe v. Wade and the legalization of infanticide.  It’s a holocaust that makes the Nazis tame by comparison.  And we should say that.

Its time we conservatives supported candidates who are not afraid of going after liberals and pointing out just exactly who and what they are.  Jesus attacked his enemies, the Pharisees, with vicious rhetoric, calling them “snakes” and “vipers,” and continually pointing out their base hypocrisy.  He never backed down from what he believed and neither should we.

Laurel Leader Call, Saturday, July 27, 2013

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