The Race: Chris McDaniel vs Delbert Hosemann

The campaign for Mississippi’s Lt. Governor will be, in the words of one writer, “the most contentious” in the state in 2023. And that’s because of the battle in the Republican primary, a fight between Senator Chris McDaniel and the incumbent, Delbert Hosemann.

The primary is August 8, which also includes two other, lesser known Republican candidates, and with one minor Democrat in the field this time around, the race is, for all practical purposes, a battle between McDaniel and Hosemann, making it essentially a general election, for whoever wins will most likely be Mississippi’s next Lt. Governor.

But the race between McDaniel and Hosemann can be seen as a general election battle in one other important sense as well: Just like a normal fall campaign, this one also pits a Republican vs. a Democrat. 

State Senator Chris McDaniel is a true conservative Republican whose credentials speak for themselves. Delbert Hosemann is a conservative in name only. He is more like a Democrat than a Republican.

What makes Delbert a Democrat? Aside from the fact that he was once registered with that party and backed Ray Mabus for governor over Kirk Fordice, his policies more closely reflect Democratic ideals than conservative Republican principles.

Let’s cite a few major examples:

  • He has been called the Moderate Leader of the Moderate Wing of the Republican Party.
  • He empowered Democrats by appointing 13 of the State Senate’s 16 Democrats to powerful and influential committee chairmanships. 
  • He used the redistricting process to eliminate a conservative Republican Senator in order to protect Democrats, thereby ending her career in politics. 
  • He told Donald Trump to “Go jump in the Gulf of Mexico” when he was asked to help the President ensure fair elections.
  • He endorsed Mitt Romney for President but would not endorse Donald Trump.
  • He has done nothing to push back against Joe Biden’s unconstitutional government.
  • He has, on multiple occasions, defeated bills that would have provided a religious exemption for Biden’s vaccine mandates. 
  • He killed legislation that would have placed term limits on politicians.
  • He disagreed with Republican leaders and fought to keep Mississippi’s punitive income tax.
  • He fought to pass Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.
  • He blocked legislation that would have protected Second Amendment right to bear arms.
  • He refused to pass legislation that would have demanded proof of citizenship before people could vote.
  • He killed legislation that would have implemented a recall mechanism for elected officials.
  • He stopped the ballot initiative process.
  • He did not support the right of Mississippians to choose their own state flag. 
  • He fought for increased welfare benefits for those refusing to work.
  • He expanded Bennie Thompson’s congressional district to place Southwest Mississippi under his liberal control. 
  • He passed a pay raise for himself.

Chris McDaniel, on the other hand, was on the right side of these issues, the conservative side. He has fought against every attempt to raise taxes on Mississippians, worked to eliminate the income tax, pushed for spending cuts and limited government, and stood for the constitutional rights of all the state’s citizens. His conservative ideals are beyond question.

So, on August 8, Mississippians have a true choice for Lt. Governor: 

Do you want a true conservative who believes in the Constitution and limited government, and has a proven record throughout his career in the State Senate?

Or do you want yet another wolf in sheep’s clothing, a liberal Democrat masquerading as a conservative Republican?

The choice for Republicans is clear: Chris McDaniel for Lt. Governor!


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