Harding Family Endorsement

Dear Professor Walters,

Congratulations and my sincere appreciation for your Jazz Age President. Well done!

You “hit it out of the park.” I couldn’t have said it better, and am going to give copies to my 3 sons! 

Best regards,

Warren G. Harding III

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  1. Outstanding – I heard you on Dennis Prager and looked you up, found your interview from Seattle, listened to the entire tape. Glad to see you have a Reagan.com web address, want to get one myself. I’m 81 and yes I voted for Goldwater in ’64. Didn’t he get over 87 % in Miss. ? I’ve always liked Miss. I was a college senior at the time. Good sites : AmericanGulag.org and a neat investment site I tell people about : 1stock1.com. This will help you on stocks. I have a long list of good sites… ” Liberals write history.” – Richard Nixon. One thing I always like are people who are hated by liberals (Nixon, not conservative but had the right enemies, Bork, Trump, Goldwater, Palin, Ron Paul, and many others). Joe Sobran is a big favorite of mine : Sobran.com. I’ve also felt Ty Cobb has been smeared horribly by historians – a book about this could be a good move. I used to send a lot of stories to Paul Harvey. He used ’em – free labor for Paul. I miss him. TRUMP ’24 – the most hated man in liberal America. I still say Ross Perot was a liberal Demo. Sam Nunn was overrated – I always voted against Nunn and Jimmy Carter, can’t stand Obummer either. Trump was robbed in ’20. You’re a great writer ! Impressive comments from Warren Harding III also !
    Best Wishes Marshall Miller Lilburn Georgia suburban Atlanta (one mile from the Ronald Reagan Parkway).
    ” ‘Stereotypes’ may contain sound sociology.” – Joe Sobran

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