RIP Neil Armstrong (1930-2012)

Neil Armstrong was a class act.  As the first man to walk on the moon, he was quiet, reserved, never sought notoriety and didn’t crave attention.  He preferred to live a peaceful life back home in Ohio after leaving the astronaut corps.

As a young man, he earned an engineering degree at Purdue University, served in the Navy for three years as an aviator, including 78 combat missions during the Korean War, and then became an experimental aircraft test pilot at Edwards Air Force Base as a civilian.  During his time there, he flew the X-15 rocket plane right to the edge of space, more than 207,000 feet above the earth.

In 1962, Armstrong joined NASA in its second group of astronauts, dubbed “the New Nine,” which also included Jim Lovell, Frank Borman, John Young, Ed White, and Pete Conrad. Continue reading