Sarah Palin: A Breath of Fresh Air for Conservatives

On Friday of last week John McCain shocked the political world by naming Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate.  This bold choice has energized the conservative base as nothing else could and might even gain McCain the White House. But Governor Palin has already seen, in a few short days, anContinue reading “Sarah Palin: A Breath of Fresh Air for Conservatives”

The Obama Nobody Knows

Obamania. The Obamessiah.  The One.  Barack America!  Such has been the praise and adulation bestowed upon Barack Obama in recent weeks.  The Media swoons, commentators have funny feelings running up their legs, and reporters follow him around like a bunch of groupies.  Fans faint in his presence.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently called him “aContinue reading “The Obama Nobody Knows”

The Nightmare That Has Become The American Dream

Have you ever considered the journey of a dollar as it runs the gauntlet that is the tax system in this country?  Studies have been done on how much the government actually ends up with by the time a dollar, or your yearly salary, emerges on the other side and it is staggering.  In someContinue reading “The Nightmare That Has Become The American Dream”

The Democratic “Machine” and the Latino Vote

The new political battleground is shaping up to be an all-out fight between Democrats and Republicans over the increasing Hispanic vote, which could be a key to the future of the United States.  In fact, Barack Obama told the National Council of La Raza, on July 13, that the “Latino community holds the election inContinue reading “The Democratic “Machine” and the Latino Vote”

The Ideal Candidate

In reading Walter Borneman’s new biography of President James K. Polk this week, I was struck by the fact that such a presidential candidate as Polk is exactly what America, and the Conservative Movement, needs in this election year. Polk’s presidency was extremely successful, probably more so than any other, and academic historians, though notContinue reading “The Ideal Candidate”

The Danger of Democratic Campaign Lies

“We may rest assured,” wrote John C. Calhoun, “that those who play false to get power, will play false to retain it.” Such was the advice of a great, but often maligned, Southern statesman that we should be very leery of politicians who will say anything to get elected.  We see this in every electionContinue reading “The Danger of Democratic Campaign Lies”