Jeffersonian Solutions for America’s Problems

The United States faces an abundance of problems, a weak economy, an abundance of public expenditures, out of control entitlements, and an over-expansive foreign policy, to name a few. These issues are getting worse, not better, with no end in sight. In recent decades, politicians of nearly every conceivable stripe have offered solutions, all toContinue reading “Jeffersonian Solutions for America’s Problems”

Paternalism’s Foe: Grover Cleveland

Politicians, pundits, and scholars have wrestled over a central question throughout American political and constitutional history:  What role should the government have in the lives of ordinary citizens? For Jeffersonian Conservatives, such as Grover Cleveland, the government has no business involving itself in areas outside its limited, constitutional role, and should never take a positionContinue reading “Paternalism’s Foe: Grover Cleveland”

Teaching Civic Virtue

Today, we have in our society a crisis.  I’m not talking about the debt crisis, though that certainly qualifies, but a crisis in our very attitudes as Americans.  We used to believe in ourselves and in our founding principles but those values have slowly eroded to the point of nonexistence. George Washington reminded us inContinue reading “Teaching Civic Virtue”

The Evolving View of Government

“The lesson should constantly be enforced,” wrote President Grover Cleveland in 1887, “that though the people support the Government the Government should not support the people.” Cleveland made this pronouncement as he vetoed the Texas Seed Bill, a small $10,000 appropriation aimed at providing assistance to drought-stricken farmers in the Lone Star State. The ConstitutionContinue reading “The Evolving View of Government”

Judicial Tyranny in Arizona

Just twelve hours before a new immigration act in Arizona was set to take effect, U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton, appointed by Bill Clinton, issued a temporary injunction against the most significant portions of the law. The teeth of the law includes provisions that make it mandatory for immigrants to carry their papers andContinue reading “Judicial Tyranny in Arizona”

Chicago Equals Insanity

Albert Einstein once defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Chicago’s gun laws fit Einstein’s definition perfectly.  In an effort to combat violent crime, Windy City liberals have succeeded in making law-abiding citizens defenseless against thugs who do not obey any laws.  But rather than change theirContinue reading “Chicago Equals Insanity”

The Mystifying Logic of the Supreme Court

In the past couple of weeks, in three major cases released before adjournment, the United States Supreme Court has left us all wondering just what passes for logic in the hallowed chambers of the nation’s highest judicial chamber.  This honorable Court has ruled, in recent days, that enemy combatants, who are not U.S. citizens, shouldContinue reading “The Mystifying Logic of the Supreme Court”

Politics vs. Statesmanship in the Immigration Debate

The current national debate over immigration reform has caused me to think deeply about what is actually happening in our country. What we are seeing right before our eyes is a bunch of politicians defying the clear will of the vast majority of the American people. Poll after poll clearly show that upwards of 75Continue reading “Politics vs. Statesmanship in the Immigration Debate”

The Coming Supreme Court Fight

Many conservatives were understandably outraged at President Bush’s recent choice of White House counsel Harriet Miers as his nominee to the United States Supreme Court. Bush promised a reshaping of the Court with justices in the mold of Scalia and Thomas but what we have been given are two stealth nominees, one with a veryContinue reading “The Coming Supreme Court Fight”