Teaching Civic Virtue

Today, we have in our society a crisis.  I’m not talking about the debt crisis, though that certainly qualifies, but a crisis in our very attitudes as Americans.  We used to believe in ourselves and in our founding principles but those values have slowly eroded to the point of nonexistence. George Washington reminded us inContinue reading “Teaching Civic Virtue”

The Evolving View of Government

“The lesson should constantly be enforced,” wrote President Grover Cleveland in 1887, “that though the people support the Government the Government should not support the people.” Cleveland made this pronouncement as he vetoed the Texas Seed Bill, a small $10,000 appropriation aimed at providing assistance to drought-stricken farmers in the Lone Star State. The ConstitutionContinue reading “The Evolving View of Government”

Tales From The Liberal Playbook

From studying American political history, it seems as if liberals have a secret playbook and have been using it from the early days of the Republic, handing it down to each succeeding generation. Liberals seem to know exactly what to do when any situation arises and history is full of interesting parallels. 1.  Use theContinue reading “Tales From The Liberal Playbook”